The best Hyderabadi Dosa Recipe | हैदराबादी मसाला डोसा की रेसिपी

      Hyderabadi Dosa Recipe

The best Hyderabadi Dosa Recipe | हैदराबादी मसाला डोसा की रेसिपी
The best Hyderabadi Dosa Recipe | हैदराबादी मसाला डोसा की रेसिपी

Literally though, these   are the Best...


A) Look how pretty!!

B) Imagine how good they taste because of the crispy texture, spicy gunpowder masala, tasty veggies and creamy cheese(optional), just SING together, right? I promise you, they sing.

C) Do you have 20 minutes(but have a condition)? Cool. You can make these Dosa because this is not fancy but so Yummy. This is just really, really delicious Hyderabadi Dosa.

This is one of those best Hyderabadi recipes as same as World famous Hyderabadi Briyani that comes together so quickly and somehow still rivals a Hyderabadi street meal. It is a recipe that, once you make it, you say: I will probably make these Hyderabadi Dosa every time I have friends over because it makes me look fancy with minimal effort. You also say: I need to memorize this recipe. You also say: How soon is too soon to make these again.

It is a miracle and a delighted. A perfect Hyderabadi Dosa for our foodies.


Hey foodies, Aaj hum log banana ja raha bilkul crispy aur Yummy dosa ki recipe, ye wali Hyderabadi Dosa bikul bazaar jaisi recipe hain jo ki hyderabad ke galiyon/mohola mai milti hai. Is recipe mai aap sab bahut saari alag alag tips & tricks bhi share karunga jo aap sab ko help karegi bikul crispy aur yummy dosa banane mai, Lets go to Recipe... 

The best Hyderabadi Dosa Recipe | हैदराबादी मसाला डोसा की रेसिपी
The best Hyderabadi Dosa Recipe | हैदराबादी मसाला डोसा की रेसिपी

Ingredients for Hyderabadi Dosa Recipe: 

 For Upma Ingredients:

Ingredients for GunPowder(special type of masala used in hyderabadi Dosa)

  • 30gm whole red chillies.
  • 3-4 curry leaves(kadi pata)
  • 2-3Tsp chana dal
  • a pinch of hing (asofoetida)
  • 1 Tsp kali mirchi(black pepper)
  • Add salt as per your test(Swaad Anusaar - Namak)
  • 1 tsp uraad Dal
  • 1 Tsp dessicated coconut
  • 1 Tsp roasted chana dal 
  • 1 Tsp sesame seeds (til)
  • 1 Tsp Rice(chawal).

Karam Podi: 

  • 2 tbsp Chana Dal. 
  • 1½ tbsp Coriander. 
  • ½ tbsp Jeera
  • ½ tsp Methi
  • 1 ½ tbsp Urad Dal
  • 1 tsp Sarso
  • 3 bade tukde Imli
  • 5-6 Garlic 
  • 4-5 Curry leaf
  • ¼ tsp Hing
  • 2 tbsp kashmiri lal mirch
  • 1 tbsp Namak
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Steps to Make Hyderabadi Dosa

1. Gather all the ingredients according to our list given in this blog.
 2. Wash the rice and urad dal well. Add the fenugreek seeds to the mix and add enough water to the bowl to cover the mixture by about 1 to 2 inches dip. Soak overnight(at least for 8 hours or more).
3. After 8 hours or more, then drain all the water from the rice mixture. Add to the food processor and process—adding very little water if needed—until a smooth yet slightly grainy paste has formed with the help of mixer grinder.
4.Transfer to a another mixing bowl and gradually add enough water to make a batter. The consistency of the batter should be such that it thinly coats a spoon dipped in it.
5. Add salt to taste and keep the dosa batter aside in a warm, dark spot, covered, for 12 to 24 hours. After this fermentation, stir the batter well. It will have thickened to coat a spoon thickly. It is now ready to make dosa.
6. Put some gheeo,butter or oil(optional)in a small bowl and keep ready. You will also need a small bowl of ice-cold water or cold water.
7. Add a full small bowl(size as dal Bawl) of batter to the center of the pan, (much like as cupcake).
8. Begin to spread the batter in sweeping circular motions(Note:sweep the circular montion only in one direction for thin and crispy dosa) to form the size less than the Tawa. Do not add extra baater if the dosa develops tiny holes as you spread the batter. (Note: This is normal).
9. As soon as you have finished spreading the batter out on the pan,wait for few minutes then  dip the basting brush in ghee,oil or Butter and drizzle all over the surface of the dosa and also around its edges for make it more crispy.Cook for 3 minute then go to next step.
10. When the upper surface begins to look cooked (it will no longer look soft or runny), and add 2Tsp upma and 1Tsp Gunpowder and 1Tsp butter and drizzle all over the dosa  just like the picture given below cook  for 2-3 more minute then flip the dosa. By this time, the surface that was underneath should be light golden in color.   
11.The dosa is almost done. Just add a vegitable  (which is chopped before cooking dosas).Fold it in thirds like a parcel and allow to cook for 60 seconds more. 
The best Hyderabadi Dosa Recipe | हैदराबादी मसाला डोसा की रेसिपी
The best Hyderabadi Dosa Recipe | हैदराबादी मसाला डोसा की रेसिपी

12. Your Hyderabadi Dosa is Done. Now, enjoy your dosa with your family, friend, etc.  

Tips and tricks:
1. You can make the gun powder and store in an air-tight Container for more then 30 days.
2. You should avoid to use non-steel dosa tawa and you must be use iron tawa for crispy dosa.
3. You make the Batter of rice, urad dal, and chana dal and store for 1-2 day.
4. Heat a Tawa, sprinkle al little water and wipe it off gently using a cloth. ( for crispy and thin dosa).
5. For white chutny and Sambar dal cook as per your recipe.
6. Watch this video for more detail information.(Optional)


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