Domino's Pizza Recipe in home | Homemade Pizza Recipe

Pizza Recipe | Homemade Pizza

Pizza Recipe | Homemade Pizza
Homemade Pizza

 Hey Foodie, I know that you all excited to know the Domino’s Pizza recipe.
We all know, how crunchy, and cheesy domino’s pizza. In every bite of pizza, there could be a different taste of different Ingredients. Today we might cook Domino's like pizza and tell you the different ingredients. Don’t worry I also provide you the different tips and tricks which will help you to cook Domino like pizza.Let's Start with the pizza base ingredient.

Day 1 : Let and Const (10 Days of JavaScript)

Day 1 : Let and Const (10 Days of JavaScript)

Ingredients For Pizza Base

S No. Ingredients Quantity
1. Maida / Plain Flour 100g
2. Shakkar (Sugar) 1 tbsp
3. Salt as per taste
4. Baking powder ¾ tsp
5. Baking soda ¼ tsp
6. Dahi(Yogurt)  as per requirement
7. Oil 2 tsp

Steps to Make Pizza base

 1.Gather all the ingredients according to our list given above.

 2.In big bowl add 100gm maida/plain flour, 1tsp sugar, andsalt as per taste mix. it.

3.After that add ¾ tsp Baking powder and ¼ tsp Baking sode and mix it well.
4.Then add 2-3 Tsp yogurt as per requirement.
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5.Mix it well and prepare a soft and smooth dough for pizza base.
6.Rest it for 30 minutes or more.
7.After 30 minutes your dough is ready for roll like a roti using rolling pan and and diameter of pizza should be same as pizza nonstick tray/Aluminium plate(Before use this plate spray a oil. so that pizza base is not stick during cooking) .
8.Pizza should not be thin.

9. Pizza base is ready.
Pizza Recipe | Homemade Pizza
Dominos pizza in homemade style

Day 1 : Let and Const (10 Days of JavaScript)

Day 1 : Let and Const (10 Days of JavaScript)

Ingredients For Pizza and Topping

S No. Ingredients Quantity/Item
1. Butter 1 tbsp
2. Pizza Sauce 1 tbsp
3. Red Chilli Sauce 1 tbsp
4. Schezwan Sauce 1 tbsp
5. Tomato Sauce 1 tbsp
6. Amul Mozarella Cheese  as per requirement
7. Cheddar Cheese  as per requirement
8. Topping like tomato slice,
capsicum slice
onion slice
veg: mushroom,paneer
non-veg: chicken fry slice
9. Pizza Herbs Red chili flaxes,oregeno flaxes

Steps to Make Pizza

  • Preheat the oven at 240C atleast for 15-20 minutes.
    If you dont have a oven then put a 200gm salt in kadahi and  preheat it for 20 minutes..
  • Place the pizza dough over the pizza tray or alumunium plate for kadhai
  • Before place the pizza add few drops of oil/Butter spread on a tray
  • Spread the 1tsp pizza sauce 1tsp red chili sauce 1tsp schewan sauce. Put the topping and then grated amul Mozarella cheese.
  • Then add a veg or non-veg topping such as paneer,mushroom or chicken
  • Then add Italian oregano flaxes and red chili flakes.
    Day 1 : Let and Const (10 Days of JavaScript)

    Day 1 : Let and Const (10 Days of JavaScript)

  • Lastly grated chedder cheese for extra smoothy cheese flavour.
  • Bake the pizza for 10 to 15 minutes in oven or 10-20 minutes in kadhai until the base is cooked so that  color turn to lightly brown  and cheese turns slightly golden.
  • After Cooked the pizza wait for 2-3 minutes then slice the pizza and serve the pizza.
  • Pizza is ready.
    Pizza Recipe | Homemade Pizza


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