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Hey Fam❤️Welcome to
It's my birthday month and I am bringing an exciting giveaway for you all in Association with 
Top 3 Participate of this giveaway  get a chance to win this one week Power Box from  @shop.ohmyhealth.
#OMHPowerBox comes with drinks that will enrich your health with awesome nutrients, vitamins & minerals.

*Follow the 5 Basic Step*

1. Like this post and follow @shop.ohmyhealth and 

2.   Like 5 last posts  (If you unfollow later you'll be Disqualified for future giveaway)

3. Tag minimum of three of your friends in the comments, who would also be interested in this giveaway.(but no celebs/ irreverent Account)

4. Repost the this post in your Story Tagging

         i) @shop.ohmyhealth


5. Share this post with yours friends

*Criteria for Winning*

1. The winner will be selected on the basis of all rules followed or not.

2. Increase your chances by sharing and commenting more on this post.

3. Tag only those profiles who are interested in the giveaway. So create a long chain by tagging and approaching them to participate.(Important step)

4. Tag as much as you can.

5. First Come First Serve

6. (Optional step)Repost the giveaway post. And tag @shop.ohmyhealth and 

So test your luck!


1. This giveaway is active till 20th April 2021.

2. Products can be shipped only in India, so anyone participating should provide Indian Address only, in case they are selected.

3. Anyone unfollowing after the Giveaway contest will not be considered for any future giveaways!

Winner 🏆🏆 will Announce after 21th April 2021 .

This is the Effect Base Giveaway so Follow, Like, Comment and tag mention will be only consider


All the Best 👍👍

Here is Amazon Link of prize. Click the shop Now button to check it out

*Note: If you get a DM from then reply within 24hrs. 

All right are reserved for this giveaway are and @shop.ohmyhealth

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